Libby Cooper was diagnosed as a Celiac while in high school and has since learned the ways of navigating a lifestyle changing autoimmune disease and diet. Self-proclaimed font of Celiac knowledge, Libby tries to educate everyone she comes across on the differences between allergies, gluten sensitivity, and Celiac Disease. Through trial and error, she leads a happy and healthy life while discovering the pure joys of finding a truly gluten free restaurant and picking the perfect loaf of wheat free bread. Former NCAA track athlete and avid soccer player, Libby knows the struggles of Celiac Disease affecting not only daily life, but performance in sporting events.

Born in the UK, this Brit has grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently attends University of California, Davis where she will graduate this December.  With a degree in Design and numerous internships under her belt, Libby plans to travel the world before settling down as a designer in her beloved San Francisco.  She loves to explore foreign countries and though the complications of eating out as a Celiac may deter fellow adventurers, Libby thinks of it as a challenge to be met.

Libby’s other passions include art of all forms from drawing and painting to photography and film making, though finding time for herself in our multi-tasking, plugged-in world can be a little challenging.