Passing by a little bakery where brightly colored cookies with delicate labels in cursive script and little ribbons are displayed will make anyone’s mouth water and eyes melt at the sheer cuteness. It actually wasn’t until recently that I discovered these little colored macarons were gluten free, but when I found out, I went a little crazy.

Macaron, not to be confused with a different type of cookie, the macaroon, is a meringue pastry sandwich filled with creams ranging from thick ganache to sticky jam. This confectionery treat is quite tiny but the level of sweetness is so high that usually one eaten slowly will halt any sugar craving. Originally from France, these delightful desserts are made from egg white, a combination of icing and granulated sugars, ground almond, and sometimes food coloring, making this dessert naturally gluten free.

Macarons have slowly been on the rise as the new trendy snack item. Following frozen yogurt, or froyo as I like to call it, cupcakes, and freshly pressed juices, macarons are suddenly becoming the “it” purchase. Personally, I love this new fad, mainly because I never fully enjoyed the previous trend foods. Froyo never did it for me, probably because I have sensitive teeth and allowing customers to have free samples meant I never spent my money. I essentially perfected the art of giant samples in those tiny paper cups. Cupcakes, for the obvious reason, were tempting but dangerous. If a cupcakery offered a gluten free option, there was no way it was made in a separate facility or 100% gluten free. That fact didn’t stop me from buying the elusive gf cupcake from time to time, but it definitely was not a good idea. I’d call it Russian Roulette with cake. Juice, well, juice is just too expensive for five gulps and then done. I’d rather go to Costco and get a gallon of whatever is on offer, or seek out the delicious Barsotti’s  brand apple juice at a local grocery store.

But finally, here are macarons. Small, adorable, delectable morsels of cream and sugar to pop in your mouth with a big piping hot cup of tea. And for those who don’t want to venture out to a fancy, long lined purveyor of macarons, then head to Trader Joe’s for their version of this cookie. Their Macarons Au Chocolat are moist, rich, creamy, and crunchy and available everywhere. In the frozen section, there are Pumpkin Macarons as well, but the hassle there is the fact that you have to defrost them to eat.

All I can say is I hope this fad sticks around longer than the rest. Long live the macaron!