Yesterday, my two Welsh friends flew into San Francisco. After letting them rest and attempt get over jet lag, we decided to go on a mission to the beach. This morning before leaving for the coast, I decided to take quick shower. Meanwhile downstairs in the kitchen, the two lads prepared themselves breakfast. As I got out of the shower, I smelled the sweet, strong scent of cinnamon and raisin toast. I quickly threw on my robe and rushed downstairs in fear that they used my gluten free toaster. My fears were luckily wrong when I discovered they had not; however, I did notice, as they munched away, that the lid was off my contamination-free stick of butter container. It is moments like these that a Celiac must remember to explain all details to house guests, even if they seem really obvious.

After briefing them on the daily intricacies of my life, we packed up and finally headed for the beach.

It was unusually sunny for Half Moon Bay and we had a very pleasant drive over the foothills. The beach had a cool breeze and it was thoroughly refreshing to dip our toes in the icy water. We scrambled over the rocks and poked our fingers into the tide pools, attempting to close up every sea anemone waving in the salt water.

Once we grew tired of the tide pools, we drove to another beach for a proper sandy experience. There, as if placed strategically to entice the hungriest of surfers, was the most beautiful Taco Bell. Positioned directly on the beach in Pacifica, this Taco Bell stands out like a beacon of light for those in desperate need of Mexican fast food. The boys obviously wanted to go, never having experienced Taco Bell before. I warned them of the disgustingness of this specific type of cuisine, but they insisted. We walked over, the strong smell of deep fried tortilla hanging in the air.

Once inside, I felt a strange feeling. I wanted Taco Bell.

I think this is the trap of fast food, it draws you in with its dirt cheap prices and instant gratification. I have this app on my iPhone called “GF Fast Food” so I whipped out my phone to see if Taco Bell had any items listed. It had two: Tostada with Pinto Beans and Cheese and the Mexican rice. At a dollar something, I decided to indulge in the Tostada. Crunching down on the bland but oh-so-delicious shell with toppings while sitting outside on the beach was glorious. Who knows if I’ll get sick later on today; it is always risky using an app like this. But if definitely came in handy today. I will let everyone know next week if this dish is truly safe or not!