In regards to my previous post, I’d like to follow up by discussing the need for gluten-free hair products for those of us who are Celiac or intolerant. In the past, I never actively searched for gluten-free shampoos or conditioners. For my health’s sake, though, it’s time to change my ways. It’s not that I chew on my hair or lick hair gel for fun, but there is always that “what if” factor, and the risk of getting sick because some hair product residue got into my system.

I was in need of a new conditioner about a month ago, and being a girl that never really knows what’s best for her hair, I was shopping around for the cheapest bottle. At Costco, I spotted a gigantic 40 oz. bottle of store-brand conditioner (called “Kirkland Signature”) that boasted “healthier, softer, shinier looking hair” and “organic extracts” to the tune of about $10. Sold. I plopped it into my shopping cart and headed to the check out aisle.

It was not until the next day that I noticed something interesting about this bargain conditioner. On the face of the bottle, right under it’s ultra-luxurious statements of moisture and nourishment, were the words “Gluten Free.” I am officially hooked. Not only will this one bottle will probably last me more than 6 months, but I now feel safe in all aspects of my gluten free life. (Oh, and the conditioner is pretty amazing, my hair is incredibly soft now. Well done, Kirkland Signature of Costco!)

More often than not, being a Celiac means learning about the struggles of gluten free living the hard way. There’s a lot of trial and error, but every experience offers valuable lessons. Once you find solutions to eliminate potential causes of contamination, you can feel healthy and happy knowing that you are in control of your digestive system.