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If you have happened across this column then you probably fall within three different categories: Celiacs, gluten intolerants/sensitives, or someone who is interested in a gluten free lifestyle (let’s call this one “gluten curious”). Whether you have been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Celiac or are just experiencing issues with absorbing food properly, this collection of personal stories, reviews, and words of wisdom can apply to everyone.

I should know: My name is Libby Cooper, and I am a Celiac. Here on this mini soap box of a blog I plan to spread the word of gluten free living.

I was born in the UK but grew up in a beautiful suburb of California’s Silicon Valley. I was always an active and hyper child and played every sport, until later years when I specialized in soccer and running. Celiac Disease hit me hard in high school and before being diagnosed, I found myself missing school, performing badly on the playing field, and generally forgetting what was going on in my daily life.

My diagnosis was the best thing that ever happened to me. I wasn’t happy about losing out on my favorite foods, but once I learned how to build a gluten-free diet, I became healthy. And boy, did I feel good. I went on to run track for UC Davis, and over time, learned a lot about my disease and how to naviagate this new lifestyle through a process of trial and error.

If you have Celiac Disease or are intolerant, I hope that my stories will be both amusing and insightful. With wholehearted laughs and stories of some serious, serious mistakes, I’ll pass on knowledge that I did not have when I was going through low points of the disease in the hopes that my experience can help others.

Stay tuned!